It’s Time to Flourish

I Care Outreach educates and directs the impoverished in Bridgeport, Connecticut to appropriate life, work, financial, and values-based training that may lead to flourished relationships and stronger communities. Through our training center in Bridgeport, Connecticut, we provide faith-based training that leaves our students to enter or re-enter the work force with developed skills and the confidence that lead to flourishing lives.

Get Back on the Right Path

At I Care Outreach, we offer veterans, the homeless, parents and single-parents, the unemployed or underemployed, tools to improve their lives.

Our Christ-centered approach offers:

  • Job Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Money Management
  • Supportive Relationship
  • and more
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Now is the time to prepare for tomorrow. Call our training center at 203-374-5604 to learn more and enroll in our next session.